Alantum Europe GmbH – Germany

Innovations in Alloy Foams
Alantum Europe GmbH, founded in 2005, is a subsidiary of the Korean Alantum Corporation, which in turn is a subsidiary of Korea Zinc and Korea Nickel Corporation. Korea Zinc, a world leader in the “non-ferrous metal” segment, produces around nine per cent of the world’s zinc. Research and development together with the manufacturing and sale of iron and nickel-based metal and alloy metal foams are among Alantum’s core competencies. The company has developed a patented production process in this area that enables the alloy metal foams made from a high-alloy metal powder to be produced economically and optimised for the particular application. Areas of application for Alantum’s alloy metal foams are products for emissions control and after treatment of exhaust gas from combustion engines, particularly in the automotive industry, but also for rail and off-road vehicles, as well as for stationary diesel engines. The catalyst coated alloy metal foam is used as the starting product. Applications of the alloy metal foam include reform technologies, filter systems, muffler silencers, SCR equipment, and heat exchangers as well as spark separators and flame distributors represent a further focus of activity.

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