Ceramic Powder Technology AS - Norway

Ceramic Powder Technology
Ceramic Powder Tecnology AS (CerPoTech) is a spin-off company from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim and produce high quality powders by spray pyrolysis. CerPoTech was founded in 2007 by three professors at the Department of materials science and engineering at NTNU. The company has specialized in producing multicomponent, nanosized ceramic powders in a broad range of compositions. Basic business idea is to develop and deliver highly specialized powders in accordance to specifications given by the customer. Besides powder production, CerPoTech is also doing research directed to further development of the powders such as stable dispersions for spray coating, granules with improved flow properties as well as sintered devices both dense and porous. CerPoTech’s wide experience in the production and characterization of ceramic oxide powders will be used in this project. The spray pyrolysis system will be used for preparation of the powders, giving primary oxide particles with a narrow particle size (<100 nm) distribution.

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